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Surveillance systems and solutions

Brands Available:

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Services we provide : 

1. Network cameras- 2 MP, 3 MP, 4 MP,5 MP,6 MP,4K 8MP,4K 12MP,8 MP

2. Face Recognition Solution - AI Super Precision Solution

3. Thermal Screening Solution - AI Integrated Thermal Screening Solution

4. Home camera and doorbells

5. Analog HD Camera- 2.4 MP, 5 MP, IoT, 4K

6. PTZ (dome) – Network, Analog

7. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) Camera

8. Network Video Recorder (NVR) - 4 Ch., 8 Ch., 9 Ch., 16 Ch., 32 Ch., 64 Ch., 128 Ch.

9. Digital Video Recorder (DVR)- 4 Ch., 8 Ch., 16 Ch., 32 Ch.

10. Video Door Phones- Multi Villa, Multi Apartment, etc

11. Accessories - Power Supply, Bracket, PoE Switches, Monitors, Cables, EM-Lock, HDMI Cable, Racks

Advantages of Surveillance solutions

  • Security Cameras Increase Overall Safety

  • Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Shoplifting & Theft

  • Prevent Fraud

  • Video Surveillance Can Prevent Employee Theft

  • Protects Against Burglary

  • Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations

  • Increases Sales

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind

  • Is Cost-Effective and Scalable

Why Bharat Vikas Networks

Talk to our expert and get the best device and service suitable for your need

Proper consultation and support ensuring your business runs smoothly without any disruption

One year warranty on the devices and the service

Cut down the operational costs and unwanted labor costs using our automation services.

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