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Types of fire extinguishers explained in fewer than 500 characters

One of the most important aspects of workplace fire safety is knowledge of readily available fire-fighting equipment.

Foam extinguishers, snow extinguishers, and powder extinguishers are currently the most often used extinguishers. This isn't the only method of classifying fire extinguishers. Portable and mobile fire extinguishers are two types of fire extinguishers. However, their distinction in terms of the extinguishing agent utilised and its intended usage to extinguish specific categories of fires is a more significant differentiation. The several types of extinguishers are listed here.

Foam fire extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers, in which the suppressing agent is foam produced by a chemical reaction between an acid and an alkaline agent in a water solution of foam concentrate. When the extinguisher is turned on, the carbon dioxide is released in large amounts, causing the water solution in the foam to concentrate on the foam and run out in a stream. These extinguish compounds from the AB group (fires of solids and fires of flammable liquids and substances that melt under the influence of heat.)

foam fire extinguishers
Foam fire extinguishers

Global foam fire extinguisher market value
Global foam fire extinguisher market value

Snow extinguishers

A pressure vessel containing liquefied carbon dioxide / CO2 / is used to make snow extinguishers. Disassemble the valve and point it at the burning material to initiate the extinguisher. The carbon dioxide emitted by the extinguisher expands quickly, turning into a gas, and absorbing a lot of heat. The CO2 extinguishing effect primarily consists of preventing oxygen from reaching the burning substance and cooling/lowering the temperature. Snow extinguishers are commonly employed in situations when foam extinguishers are unavailable or where the extinguishing agent could cause irreversible harm.

When using a snow extinguisher, avoid directing the gas stream towards bodily parts, as this might cause frostbite. Perfect for liquid storage, flammable gas storage, and paint businesses. They're made to put out fires in classes B and C (flammable fluids and materials that melt when exposed to heat, as well as flammable gases).

Powder extinguisher

Powder extinguishers contain extinguishing granules under continuous pressure, such as nitrogen, or this gas is stored in a separate tank. The fire extinguisher is turned on by activating a valve that allows the powder to be discharged into the gas. The powder's extinguishing function is to cut off the oxygen supply to the burning substance. Powder extinguishers have the same range of applicability as snow extinguishers. They use phosphate powders as an extinguishing agent for ABC fires and carbonate powders as an extinguisher for BC fires.

Extinguishing units are big fire extinguishers that hold a massive number of extinguishing materials. The extinguishing units are designed with wheels to make their use more convenient. Extinguishing larger fires is made possible by increasing the number of extinguishing agents used (from 50 to 250 kg). Operation of the sets necessitates two personnel.

Fire blankets

Non-flammable fabric is used to make fire blankets; most commonly, it is a 2 m2 fibreglass fabric. The blanket's fire-fighting effect is to prevent oxygen from reaching the burning material. When utilising a fire blanket, place it across the fire source and gently press the blanket's edge to the floor. The internal hydrant network is intended to help users prevent small fires in the rooms where it is installed.

Internal hydrant network

Water installation, a draw-off valve, a 25-mm-diameter line, and a nozzle make up the hydrant network. This net is used to put out flames where water can be used as an extinguishing agent.

Knowledge of readily available fire-fighting equipment is one of the most important aspects of workplace fire safety, thus it is critical for both employers and employees to understand what must be used and how it should be utilised in the event of a fire.

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