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The necessity for Infrastructure security in real estate

Individuals now have more options to access private networks and personal information because of ongoing improvements in information technology and security techniques. Hackers intruding into companies/websites and stealing information is still a prevalent story on the news nowadays. In reality, Anonymous and Lulzsec are two of the most well-known hacking groups active today. Anonymous is a worldwide collective of hacktivists who gain illegal access to websites/companies and organise protests in order to support freedom of information and expression. To put it another way, they are attempting to promote democracy in their own unique way.

This group's major purpose is to penalise organisations for their actions and for keeping information hidden from the rest of the world. Lulz Security (Lulzsec) targeted multiple high-profile companies/organizations and released confidential information, highlighting the importance of securing networks and keeping user accounts safe.

Point of Ransomware
Point of Ransomware

Due to real estate organisations' growing dependency on information technology systems to manage all of the property listings for rent/sale, the list of clients and their personal information, and online solutions which will allow consumers to access information/manage their accounts, there must be an organization-wide understanding of the potential risks/legal issues that can arise from the basic network structure and how to protect the data from attacks.

Employees clicking on Malicious email
Employees clicking on Malicious email

In addition, strategies for protecting information, preventing illegal access, and reducing common hazards will be found in each area of the network structure. Although no one can guarantee total security protection, taking a strategic approach to building a secure infrastructure can help prevent or mitigate internal and external network threats.

Due to the ongoing progression of risks/threats, the organisation will need to re-evaluate the complete security plan/policies and make appropriate revisions once this solution has been fully deployed.

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities causing infections
Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

BCF offers a risk-based Cybersecurity Framework, which includes industry standards and best practices to assist building owners and operators in better managing cybersecurity risks.

Companies must design a defense layer system that provides multiple instances of protection to prevent unauthorized access to core information, implement a strong network hardware/intrusion prevention system, and create all-encompassing network/security guidelines that detail user regulations and company rights, to decrease the effect of threats have on a network.

Do you agree that there is a necessity for Infrastructure security in real estate? Share why (or why not!) in the comments!

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