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How does Wifi 6 affect the core of enterprise networks?

Wi-Fi 6 lays the groundwork for a variety of existing and emerging applications, including streaming ultra-high-definition movies, mission-critical business applications requiring high bandwidth and reduced latency, and staying in touch and effective while travelling through large, clogged networks like those found in airports and train stations.

How does Wifi 6 affect the core of enterprise networks?
How does Wifi 6 affect the core of enterprise networks?

Wi-Fi is the preferred networking technology in business settings. Enterprise network managers demand Wi-Fi devices to provide industry-standard security and reliability. Voice-Enterprise, WMM-Admission Control, WPA3-Enterprise, and Wi-Fi 6 are among the schemes and technologies developed to serve enterprise applications.

Patents on Wifi 6
Patents on Wifi 6

The following are some of the key advantages of Wi-Fi 6 technology:

1) Greater data rates

2) Capacity expansion  

3) Effectiveness, in environments with a large number of linked devices

4) Increased energy efficiency

Connectivity: As Wi-Fi 6 technology was built to handle high traffic situations with many different connected devices, network administrators can accept the additional gadgets that workers bring to the workplace. Wi-Fi 6 devices are prepared to handle today’s increasing connectivity requirements to assist the steadily increasing flexibility and agility of a more mobile workforce.

Flexibility: Increased employee mobility, flexible workplaces, and remote teams using cloud-based storage and collaboration tools are all supported by Wi-Fi 6 networks.

Security: Enterprise networks that employ Wi-Fi 6 feature WPA3, which offers the highest level of data and security protection for many users and huge managed networks.

Performance: Wi-Fi 6 upgrades enterprise networks, allowing IT teams to deliver additional capacity for increasingly demanding and mission-critical applications that require faster throughput. 

Wi-Fi 6 preference
Wi-Fi 6 preference

Wi-Fi 6, delivers the bandwidth, effectiveness, coverage, and performance required by clients in today's greatest demanding Wi-Fi environments. Highlighting quality connectivity in areas with hundreds or even thousands of devices connected such as stadiums and other public gatherings, as well as enterprise networks utilising time-critical, high bandwidth applications, Wi-Fi 6 ensures each connected device continues to perform at an ideal level. Wi-Fi 6 devices fulfil the highest security and interoperability standards, as well as allowing for lower battery usage, making them an excellent solution for any environment, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

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