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How Computer Networking systems and technology are helping to recover from Covid-19?

Coronavirus has infected the world and has brought existence all over the world to a pause. With different degrees of effectiveness, governments from all over the world have worked on controlling the virus. Certain countries with low mortality rates are worthy of respect, and a thorough examination of their activities will aid other countries in their battle against the virus.

Technologies that eliminate physical interaction and can be remotely controlled reduce the risk of virus transmission. Every day, new technologies are developed and deployed to combat the disease's spread. Comprehensive solutions from countries that have been actively involved in containment and prevention will help those countries that are still battling with a surge in cases.

Here are the Computer Networking systems and Innovation which are helping during the tough period

1. COVID treatment by the computer network system

Many hospitals have incorporated computer networked remote care systems on a small scale. There is no need for a doctor or nurse to approach patients to take readings or administer medication in this system. All of this can be done from a secure distance using Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Computer network system for COVID patients' treatment
'Computer network system for COVID patients' treatment'

When the gadget is close enough to the ward, it automatically connects to the completely networked computer system using Bluetooth. If attached with an application on a portable device, a healthcare worker may control a robot hand placed next to a patient's bed to take measurements, administer medications, or provide food.

During this tough moment, a networked device mounted next to the patient's bed will be used to make a zoom call with family members to chat with loved ones.

2. Mitra - A semi-autonomous robot

Mitra effectively scans patients without exposing medical personnel to the infection. It has facial recognition features in its pierced eyes to help it remember individuals with whom it has already interacted. A tablet attached to Mitra's chest allows patients to see

loved ones, as well as medical personnel unable to access the wards. Patients that are unable to talk using their phones typically use Mitra.

Mitra, a semi-autonomous robot
'Mitra robot in action'

3. iMumz – Week by week Pregnancy Program

As determined by using the PRT scale, 55.7 percent of women experience pregnancy-related anxiety during their early to mid-pregnancy. According to thorough literature analysis, iron deficiency is a global nutritional issue that affects up to 52 percent of pregnant women.

iMumz Pregnanacy app
'iMumz Pregnanacy app'

During this Covid period, iMumz, a smartphone maternity app, has come to their rescue. It is holding live sessions and answering questions with the help of more than 100 experts, including obstetricians, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and mental health professionals. iMumz provides medical information to pregnant women through AMA workshops, yoga, and mental activities in order to keep them healthy and stress-free.

The integration of remote technologies into the pandemic strategy and response may be one of several factors that have flattened the incidence curves of COVID-19—the use of such remote technologies is evidence that these computer networking systems and innovations are a blessing.


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