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Should you Install Optical-Fiber Cable, or an unshielded Cable, for Your Horizontal Wiring?

The decision of the type of cable to use is a challenge faced by a significant number of network administrators and designers of cabling-infrastructure systems. On many occasions, the choice is crystal clear and obvious, but on other occasions, it is not. The LITP cable is always going to be the superior option for settings that are characteristic of workplaces (at least until fibre-network components drop in price). The majority of workplaces do not experience even close to the level of electromagnetic interference that would be required to warrant the increased cost of installing shielded twisted-pair wiring. This is especially true of larger office buildings. A cabling system that is insulated or screened could be beneficial in certain environments, like hospitals and airports. It would appear that the external field strength is what makes the difference. The performance of high-quality uTP cabling should not be affected if the strength of the external field does not exceed three volts per meter (v/m). In situations when the field strength is greater than three V/m, shielded cable is going to be the superior option. On the other hand, many people who design cabling believe that fiber-optic cable is the superior option whenever the field strength is greater than three V/m. In addition, these designers will highlight the increased bandwidth as well as the increased security offered by fiber-optic connections. Despite the fact that everyone has an opinion on which kind of cable you should install, it is a fact that optical fiber is the only kind of cable that won't become outdated in a short amount of time. The infrastructure already utilizes fiber-optic cables as its preferred medium of transmission. Because hubs, routers, and workstation network interface cards that are compatible with fiberoptic cables are expected to become more affordable in the near future, the use of fiber will become more widespread in horizontal cabling.

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