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5 Awesome Things about SDN (Software-defined network)

One of the main advantages of SDN is that it provides a platform for supporting more data-intensive technologies, such as virtualization and big data.

Network management that is centralised

SDN can automate network administration and security and ensure that security and policy knowledge is reliably conveyed across the enterprise by controlling the whole network from a centralised unit known as a central node.

Market for SDN

Hardware prices are lower

By optimising organisational performance and increasing network utilisation by employing the virtualization concept, SDN leverages the software principle to establish a network with the least amount of hardware available, eliminating the need for manual help and the expense of setup.

Abstractions of clouds

Cloud computing isn't going anywhere, and a unified infrastructure is on the way. By abstracting cloud infrastructure with SDN, it is easier to integrate cloud services. All of the networking components that make up large data centre systems can be managed.

Approach to security

When there is a single management panel for networking, it is easy to track and regulate security features. It may not be required to interact with or rely on several applications throughout the system. It is simple to operate from a single location and gives a superior security plan. When a security-related alarm is triggered, the same console can be utilised to disseminate information. Virtualization has made it more difficult for IT administrators to keep up with network administration. Applying filtering rules and firewalls to multiple virtual devices connected to physical networks might be difficult. With SDN, all information and safety procedures can be regularly monitored and disseminated throughout the organisation.

Digital transformation


Unlike in the past, today's network does not require internet access. It's also feasible to tweak the cloud's automatic reactions using SDN. The approach works effectively in contexts such as enterprise-wide SD-WAN networks.

5 Awesome Things about SDN (Software-defined network)
5 Awesome Things about SDN (Software-defined network)

Do you agree that these are the 5 Awesome Things about SDN? Share why (or why not!) in the comments!


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