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A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that allows users to communicate with one another. Connectivity to the telephone network is provided by a combination of hardware components.

The internal telephone network of a company is managed by a PBX. Inbound and outgoing calls are routed through a PBX system, which also handles advanced calling features.

Setting up a PBX is a lot of work. One or more systems administrators with decades of telecom experience are enlisted by a company. You'll also need physical space in the office to house the PBX system, such as a closet or server room.


Benefits -

Manage and complete calls according to a pre-determined schedule. In the PBX network tree, you can choose the direction of "branching out" and create your own rules. To minimise excessive expenses, operators might restrict or allow international dialling as needed.


It's simple to transfer calls between users and departments. Without losing calls, establish and maintain connections. A warm transfer or a cold transfer can be used to successfully transfer calls. You can reliably transfer calls in any case.


Customize greetings with recorded remarks that include your company's preferred music. This tool is a great approach to notify customers about a sale or a concern with their service.


Set up a call centre to aid in the management of a sales team or customer service department. Despite its high cost, a PBX can queue inbound and outbound calls based on the physical limits.

 A cloud-based PBX can manage more calls and route them to the appropriate people or teams.


Connect several office sites to a single phone system so that employees can communicate with one another. 


You'd utilise a PBX to handle call routing instead of maintaining many phone systems.

Brands Available:

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