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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection Solutions

We can deliver stable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with the quickest response time and the least amount of inconvenience because of our unique software and electronics. The predictive feature of our remote diagnostics is crucial in informing us that the equipment requires proactive service. A polluted detector can set off an unnecessary alarm. Contractors, property managers, and owners profit from the connectivity of our devices since it saves them time. 


Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors are deployed in our smoke detectors as an added bonus, eliminating the need for a separate purchase and thus lowering wiring requirements. Our products are particularly important in places where people sleep, such as dorms, hotels, nursing homes, and many more



  • Fire, smoke, or heat disasters can be detected quickly, allowing for organized evacuation and fire damage mitigation.

  • Fire suppression systems are linked with solutions that are customised to your facility.

  • The use of an internet-based diagnostic service allows for real-time viewing and automates the identification and notification of abnormal circumstances.

  • Notifies you when your detectors are dirty or nearly unclean, making them more susceptible to issues.

  • To preserve detector sensitivity and reduce the risk of false alarms, sensors analyze environmental data and compensate for contamination.

  • CO elements can work alone or in tandem with a smoke or heat sensor, reducing false alarms

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Photo-electric sensor, Heat sensor, Multi Sensor Devices

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Carbon monoxide sensor

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Addressable modules

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Brand Available:

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Services we provide : 

1. Fire hydrant system

2. Fire suppression system - FM-200, CO2, Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, Fire sprinklers

3. Fire alarm system - smoke detector, heat detector, Manual Call Point (MCP), hooter

4. Fire extinguishers - DCP (ABC) Stored Pressure Type, Carbon Dioxide Type, Stored Pressure Water Type, Stored Pressure M. Foam Type, Stored Pressure Clean Agent Type

5. Accessories: Burglar Alarm, Wall mounting brackets, hose belt, Trolley, etc

Advantages of Fire safety systems

  • Keeping Fires Under Control

  • Saving Lives

  • Protecting the Environment

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Result in Minimal Collateral Damage

  • Help in fast-acting

  • Require Minimal Clean-up and Leave No Residue

Why Bharat Vikas Networks

Talk to our expert and get the best device and service suitable for your need

Proper consultation and support ensuring your business runs smoothly without any disruption

One year warranty on the devices and the service

Cut down the operational costs and unwanted labor costs using our automation services.

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