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"Companies must innovate or risk being left behind as technology changes at the pace of light. Many CEOs began their careers and businesses before many of these innovations existed!  We want to help them in implementing new technology, especially in the areas of Automation and digitalization. Most fundamentally, allowing to concentrate more on their business mission is our motto".

                                                                                                                                          Purushotham, CTO

Bharat Vikas Networks what?

Bharat Vikas Networks is the IT infrastructure services and Business solutions provider. Managing those repetitive tasks by automation and hence letting you focus on your core business. 

The services include delivering and setting up the server to installing the client and supporting the user in the event of problems. A wide variety of industrial customers trust our quality. Fueled by Disciple, Determination, and dedication, Team has ITIL-certified professionals who have the ability to identify, plan and support the IT services in any business resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness across various industries.

Based in Bangalore, with clients & team members all over India.


We are:

  • Fans of technology

  • Geeks by nature

  • Awkward Dancers

  • Travelers of the world

  • Love movies

  • Likes Burning the midnight oil

  • Passionate about work    ;)


For years, Bharat Vikas Networks has been helping industries to increase Business. We've done this so many times that we're confident we can do it for you too.  Our clients saw at least an 11% increase in conversions after we partnered with them. 

Let’s help you too!

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